IPBurgerVPN Extension for Browsers is robust and should work in most cases, even when other VPN softwares we provide may fail. If you are having an issue, some possible causes are listed here.

Server Unreachable

Reason: The extension is unable to connect to our servers.


  • Check if you are connected to Internet.
  • Is your country/ISP/firewalls actively blocking connections to VPNs or Proxies?
    It is possible that your Internet Provider has blocks in their Firewalls against certain Protocols or Ports. We support multiple Protocols & Ports for some services. Try them out while setting up.

  • Are you connected to another VPN/Proxy? Please disable, or at best, uninstall them before using IPBurgerVPN Extension.
  • One of our servers might be having temporary issues. In that case, we have active monitors against our servers' availability and we would be already working on resolving it. The connection should be back in max a couple hours. Feel free to contact our support.

Invalid Credentials

Reason: The Proxy credentials you provided are invalid.


Invalid IP | Another VPN/Proxy Interfering

Reason: The Public IP Address assigned to you has been found invalid, and it does not belong to IPBurger.


  • Do you have any other VPN/Proxy solutions enabled? Please disable them, or at best, uninstall them so that they do not interfere with IPBurgerVPN Extension.
  • Please contact our support if you see this regardless of the above.

Google Hangouts & Voice don't function

Reason: The Extension disables WebRTC for preventing IP Leaks. Without WebRTC, many VOIP & Video Calling services can not connect via peer-to-peer network.

We have tried to fix it on our end, but currently there is no solution available due to limitations in the Browser APIs.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!