What exactly does the Extension do? How does it protect me?

IPBurgerVPN Extension for Firefox, turns your browser into a Protected Browser, where you can use your Business Account without ever worrying about leaks, being caught or linked. The browser becomes a Safe Zone for your online activity. It minimizes the risks of even accidentally revealing your original identity. To do that, the Extension takes manifold protective measures.

Protect IP Address
Use IPBurger's IP Address instead, even hide your IPv6.

Protect DNS
Your DNS requests go over IPBurger's network, protecting your DNS.

Kill Switch
Blocks Internet when connection drops.

Stay connected from the moment you start browsing.

Protect WebRTC
Disables WebRTC and prevents any leaks.

Spoof Timezone
Automatically match your browser's Timezone with the location of assigned IP Address, hiding your original one.

Spoof Language
Automatically match your browser's language headers with the country of assigned IP Address, hiding your original one.

Spoof GPS
Automatically match your browser's GPS Coordinates with the country of assigned IP Address, hiding your original one.

Due to limitations of browser APIs, spoofing features are considered experimental. Currently browsers do not expose any APIs to manage the GPS, Timezone and Language manually. We insert Javascript into each page that tries to replace these properties by force. This process is obviously hackish and not stable. Additionally, it could cause browser integrity checks to fail, blocking you from accessing serveral websites. Spoofing features should be used with caution, and at your own risk.

Can I setup Multiple Accounts with their own IP Addresses, using the Extension?

Yes, very easily, and as many as you want. Follow the guide to set up multiple accounts on Firefox with the Extension.

How to "Turn Off" the Extension?

We deliberately do not provide an option to turn the protection "Off", since that can lead to accidental leaks, mixed up cookies and caches, when you access the browser without protection.

If you want to access Internet without VPN, i.e. in the "Turned Off" state, simply create a new Firefox Profile for it.

Go to about:profiles.

Launch this Profile whenever you want to access Internet without VPN.

IPBurgerVPN Browser Extension v/ VPN Software, which is best for you?

IPBurgerVPN Extension for Browser is best for..

Business Accounts
Easily protect and use multiple Business Accounts. The Extension provides advanced protective features needed for Business Accounts.

Web Browsing
If your goal is general Web Browsing, unblocking content/websites, then the Extension is enough.

Connection Reliability
Browser Extension connects almost instantly, and it stays connected over WiFi/Internet disruptions and Sleep cycles of your computer. A VPN Software generally takes 30 seconds to connect and often struggles to maitain a stable connection.

Built-in Kill-Switch & Auto-Connect
Stay connected from the moment you start browsing. In rare cases when the Connection drops off, it's built-in Kill-Switch will not let you access the Internet. Currently our VPN softwares do not provide built-in Kill-Switch.

Advanced Leak Protection
The Extension automatically spoofs GPS, Language and Timezone for you, and matches them exactly with the Protective IP Address that you are assigned from IPBurger. A VPN Software can not do that.

Easy Setup & Usage
The Extension just requires the browser, nothing else. Even multiple accounts do not require any extra software or user accounts on the computer. It takes about 5 minutes to setup and start using.

VPN Softwares/Protocols are best for..

Better Encryption
If your goal is to protect against Insecure WiFis or Snooping ISPs, then VPN Softwares is the way to go. Your VPN is encrypted with strong 256bit keys.

If you want more flexibility, configurability and control, VPN softwares provide you a very customized experience. VPN Software allows you to use protect any software/browser in the device.

Wider OS Support
If you use Windows XP, Vista or macOS before 10.9, or Routers, then a VPN connection is the way to go. Browser Extension requires latest Firefox or Chrome and works on only on newer Operating Systems.

Route All Traffic
Route and Protect all traffic of your Device, not just the Browser.

The Extension v/ VPN, how are they technically different?

The Extension for Browsers

  • Uses Browser WebExtension APIs for Proxying your Traffic and tweaking the Browser
  • Uses SOCKS5/HTTPS Proxy Protocol to connect to IPBurgerVPN Servers
    • SOCKS5/HTTPS allow DNS requests to be resolved by the proxy, thus protecting you from DNS Leaks.
    • Know more about different proxy protocols.
  • Does not require external software, such as Kill-Switch
  • Supports as many connections as required via Browser Profiles


  • Uses Operating System Routing to Proxy ALL traffic on your computer
  • VPN Protocols we support: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SoftEther
  • Requires External Kill-Switch
  • Only 1 connection per Device. You can connect to only VPN Server/IP Address at a time

Can Websites detect that I am using IPBurgerVPN Extension?

Simply put, no. Websites can not detect which extensions are installed or not. Especially on Firefox, it is much harder to do so then Chrome, and it is only possible if the Extension allows that to happen, which we don't. More detailed answer can be found on this post at StackOverflow.

Is any additional protection required, against the likes of Java & Flash?

Nope. In the recent versions of Firefox & Chrome, Java & Flash have been disabled by default. Moreover, the Business Account websites our customers usually deal with, do not seem to employ any fingerprinting technics using Java or Flash. The Extension includes protections that are sufficient for operating Business Accounts, and you don't need to worry about Java or Flash.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!