The IPBurgerVPN Extension for Firefox is specifically designed for protecting Stealth/Business Accounts. It turns your browser into a Protected Browser, where you can use your Business Account without ever worrying about leaks, being caught or linked. The Extension provides extra layers of security that are not present in traditional VPN Softwares: DNS & WebRTC Protection, Auto-Connect, Kill Switch, and Browser Spoofing.


macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ or Modern Unix/Linux
For other Operating Systems, follow our Setup Guides.

Firefox v60+
If you already haven't, head over to and download the latest version Firefox for your operating system.

An Active Plan/Service on

Setup IPBurgerVPN in Firefox

1. Install IPBurgerVPN Extension

Find IPBurgerVPN addon for Firefox here: Install IPBurgerVPN for Firefox

Initial Setup

Click on the Extension Icon, then Settings

Give a "Friendly Label" to your account, and click .

2. Setup Proxy Credentials for your IP Address

Proxy Credentials (Username and Password) are not the same as your account Email Address and Password. Proxy Credentials are issued on a per IP Address basis. Each of your service/IP Address has distinct Proxy Credentials.

Login to your account, and find the IP address/Service you want to use.

On the service's page, click on the button Download VPN Credentials, and select HTTP Proxy.

These are your Proxy Credentials. Copy-Paste the HTTP Proxy Credentials into the Extension.

Firefox Extension supports following Proxy Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

3. Connect to VPN

Click Save, which will automatically connect you to the IP Address.

Once connected, you should see PROTECTED status, and the Extension icon will turn Green.

Done! Now your Firefox is setup to use IPBurger VPN. Everytime you start the browser, it would automatically connect to VPN.

Next Steps


If you have previous sessions and cookies that you want to import, here's an Extension for that: Cookie Manager for Firefox
We will leave this up to your requirements and expertise of operating Business Accounts.

Run in Private Windows

It is important to allow the extension to Run in Private Windows, otherwise your traffic in Private Windows will leak out! Go to about:addons in Firefox and click Allow for "Run in Private Windows" for IPBurgerVPN.

Built-in Protections and Spoofing Features

The Extension includes many-fold protections against any kind of leak.

IP Address & IPv6 | Auto-Connect | Kill Switch | DNS | WebRTC | Timezone | Language | GPS

Head over to Extension FAQs to know more about them.

Disconnect from VPN, Turn it "Off"

We deliberately do not provide an option to turn the protection "Off", since that can lead to accidental leaks, mixed up cookies and caches, when you access the browser without protection.

To access Internet without VPN, follow the instructions in the FAQs.

Set up Multiple Accounts using Multiple IP Addresses

On Firefox, you can easily setup multiple isolated accounts, and use them simultaneously without them ever being linked.

Here's how you do it: Guide: Protect Multiple Business Accounts using Firefox & IPBurger

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!