The IPBurgerVPN Extension for Firefox is specifically designed for protecting Stealth/Business Accounts. It turns your browser into a Protected Browser, where you can use your Business Account without ever worrying about leaks, being caught or linked. The browser becomes a Safe Zone for your online activity. This Extension provides extra layers of security that are not present in the our VPN Softwares. It minimizes the risks of even accidentally revealing your original identity.

Using Firefox Profiles, plus the Extension, makes it very easy to set up multiple profiles/accounts, while keeping them completely isolated from each other.


Use Fresh/Dedicated IP Address from IPBurger
Kill Switch
DNS Protection
WebRTC Protection
Timezone Protection
Language Spoof
GPS Spoof
Easily Switch Accounts

You can know more about these features in the Extension FAQs.

Note: The Extension is specifically designed for Business Accounts, and works only with Firefox. If you are setting up Business Accounts, we highly recommend using the Extension. Configurability over it's workings have been limited and hardened, to protect you from human errors and accidental leaks. For regular VPN usage with more control and configurability, setup our VPN Softwares instead. Know more about the differences in the Extension and Regular VPN Software in the Extension FAQs.


macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ or Modern Unix/Linux
For other Operating Systems, follow our Setup Guides.

Firefox v60+
If you already haven't, head over to and download the latest version Firefox for your operating system.

An Active Plan/Service on

Setup IPBurgerVPN in Firefox

1. Get to know Firefox Profiles

Firefox has a nice feature to keep your sessions and cookies separated out in different isolated environments, which they call "Profiles".

  • Each Profile stores its own cookies, history, cache, add-ons, passwords and sessions.
  • No Cookies or Sessions are linked between two profiles, they act like separate browsers entirely.
  • You can create as many profiles as you want, there is no limit. You can delete them anytime you want.

To know more about Firefox Profiles, follow their official document here.

Firefox Profile Manager

To manage these different profiles, Firefox comes with an inbuilt Profile Manager.
Go to URL about:profiles.

Default Profile

Profile: default is your current Firefox Profile. All the websites you have accessed so far on Firefox are storing your current data, cookies and sessions in this profile. We will leave as it is.

2. Create a new Firefox Profile

Give it a Friendly Name, let's call it Account #1.

Launch Firefox in the new Profile

A new Firefox Window should open now, which is a completely Isolated Browser environment, and no data/cookies/history is linked with other profiles.

3. Install IPBurgerVPN in the New Profile

Find IPBurgerVPN on Firefox Addons here: Install IPBurgerVPN for Firefox

Allow in Private Windows

It is important to allow the extension for Private Windows, otherwise your traffic in Private Windows will leak out! Go to about:addons in Firefox and click Allow for "Run in Private Windows" for IPBurgerVPN.

Initial Setup

Click on the Extension Icon Settings

Give a "Friendly Label" to your account, and click .

4. Setup "SOCKS Proxy" Credentials for your IP Address

Firefox uses "SOCKS Proxy" protocol. Find your Proxy Credentials from your Service Page.

Login to your account, and find the IP address/Service you want to use.

On the service's page, click on the button Download VPN Credentials, and select SOCKS Proxy.

These are your Proxy Credentials. Copy-Paste the "SOCKS Proxy" Credentials into the Extension.

Note: SOCKS Proxy Credentials (Username and Password) are not the same as your account Email Address and Password. SOCKS Credentials are usually shorter, 6-8 letters and are issued on a per IP Address basis. Each of your IP Address has different SOCKS Credentials.

5. Connect to VPN

Click Save, which will automatically connect you to the IP Address.

Once connected, you should see Protected status, and the Extension icon will turn Green.

Done! Now your Firefox is setup to use IPBurger VPN. Everytime you start the browser, it would automatically connect to VPNr

More About the Extension

Built-in Protection Against Leaks

The Extension includes many-fold protections against any kind of leak.

IP Address & IPv6 | Auto-Connect | Kill Switch | DNS | WebRTC | Timezone | Language | GPS

  • Once setup, your browser's traffic is routed through IPBurger's network, protecting your IP Address and your identity.
  • Your DNS requests go over IPBurger's network, protecting your DNS.
  • WebRTC is disabled by the extension, that also eliminates any potential leak on IPv6 networks.
  • The protection is ALWAYS-ON. It automatically starts when your browser starts, even before a single request is made from any open tabs.
  • Kill-Switch: If there is an error connecting to IPBurger Proxy servers, your Internet will be disabled until the connection is established again.
  • The Extension sets your browser's Timezone, Language and GPS automatically to that of the VPN IP address.

If you want to test out your protection, head over to our guide on it: Guide: Check if you are fully protected via IPBurger

Disconnect from VPN, Turn it "Off"

We deliberately do not provide an option to turn the protection "Off", since that can lead to accidental leaks, mixed up cookies and caches, when you access the browser without protection.

If you want to access Internet without VPN, i.e. in the "Turned Off" state, simply switch back to your Default Firefox Profile. Go to about:profiles find, Profile: default and click on Launch Profile in a New Browser. Detailed explanation can be found in the Extension FAQs.

Set up Multiple Accounts using Multiple IP Addresses

On Firefox, you can easily setup multiple isolated accounts, and use them simultaneously without them ever being linked.

Here's how you do it: Guide: Protect Multiple Business Accounts using Firefox & IPBurger

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!