IPBurger's High Quality IPs are ideal for using many Business Accounts at once on a single computer. It is very easy to setup and get going.


  • Computer Operating System
    Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS.
    On Mobile, you can only use one Business Account per device.
  • Fresh/Dedicated IP Addresses from IPBurger.com.
    You need 1 Fresh/Dedicated IP Address per Business Account. If you have 5 Business Accounts to setup, you need 5 IPs from IPBurder.
    When you purchase multiple IP Addresses from IPBurger, we assign you IPs in ranges as distinct as possible, avoiding any chances of linkage.
    If you haven't already, please get High Quality Fresh/Dedicated IP Addresses from IPBurger.

Label IPs on IPBurger

As you purchase many IPs from us, it can become difficult to remember which IP is being used for what purpose. To avoid that, we recommend adding a Label for each of your IP.

Go to My VPNs in your IPBurger Account, click on an IP.

Next to the flag and IP Address, click on Edit.

Enter a friendly label and click Save.

The same label will now appear under My VPNs.

Setup Multiple Business Accounts on your Computer

This guide uses a traditional VPN Software (SoftEther, OpenVPN or L2TP) and User Accounts on the computer.

User Accounts on your Computer

Every Computer OS has a feature to create and use multiple User Accounts. Each of such a user account can be setup to use exactly one Business Account.

Creating a user account is a fairly easy process. Here we will leave out some links for you.
Note: You don't need an Administrative user account to use VPN, just a normal local user account will do.

Tip: When you give a name to the new user account, keep it same as the Label you gave to an IP Address on IPBurger.

Create a User Account in Windows 7
Create a User Account in Windows 8 or 10
Create a User Account in macOS
Create a User Account in ChromeOS

Setup VPN in the User Account

In each User Account, you will setup one Fresh/Dedicated IP Address from IPBurger, and one Business Account to use with it.

Basically, One Business Account One User Acccount on the Computer One IPBurger Fresh/Dedicated IP Address.

Login into each User Account, and follow instructions on our Setup Page for setting up VPN on your device.

Once VPN is setup and connected, you can use One Business Account inside this User Account. Try not to use any other Business Account inside this particular User Account, otherwise they will certainly linked.

Multiple Accounts

Follow the same process for all of your Business Accounts: 1. Create a User Account on the computer, 2. Setup VPN inside User Account.

Note: If you installed a VPN Software in one User Accont, you don't need to install it again in another User Account. You just need to setup VPN Credentials for your IP Address.

That's it! Now you can switch between User Accounts easily, to use different Business Accounts.


When you connect to VPN, it routes ALL traffic from your Computer, including all the User Accounts!

To avoid linkages, please follow these steps when you want to switch to another User Account.

Suppose you are logged into User Account #1 and you are connected to VPN. Now you want to switch to User Account #2.

  1. Disconnect from VPN under User Account #1. This step is higly important, otherwise your User Account #2 will use the same IP Address as Account #1.
  2. Do not just switch to User Account #2. Instead, completely log out of the User Account #1. That will ensure that any remaining background process of your Browser will exit, too.
  3. Login into User Account #2.
  4. Connect to VPN under Account #2.
  5. Start using your Business Account under Account #2.
Follow the same process if you want to switch back to Account #1.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!