At times you may require a new IP address, on your existing VPN Subscription. Instead of cancelling the service and wasting your subscription days, you can change your IP at a small fee of $10.


I want an IP in a specific location/state/city. Is it possible?
No. Currently, our IPs are distributed and assigned randomly across the country. This is completely fine for stealth as long as the IP belongs to a particular country.

My current IP is not working, can you please change the IP for me?
Please reach out to our Support.

Change IP on your active VPN Subscription

Login to your account, and find the IP address/Service you want to use.

On the Service Page, click on the Blue Change IP button.

You will be redirected to the addons page. Confirm the selected IP is the one you want to change and then click Order Now.

Finish the checkout process.

Once your order is paid, almost immediately (the process is automated), we will send you an email with the details of your new IP. Check your mailbox for further instructions on how to use your new IP address.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!