OpenVPN is a leading VPN Protocol widely used today. OpenVPN Connect is a Mobile Application by OpenVPN community themselves.


Connect to VPN with OpenVPN Connect

1. Get OpenVPN Connect

If you have already installed it once, then you can skip this step.

In iOS, open App Store. Find OpenVPN Connect and install it.

2. Get OpenVPN Credentials for your IP Address

OpenVPN Connect uses OpenVPN protocol. Find your OpenVPN Credentials from your Service Page.

Login to your account, and find the IP address/Service you want to use.

On the service's page, click on the button Download VPN Credentials, and select OpenVPN.

These are your VPN Credentials.

Tap on the downloaded OVPN Credentials file, and Open in OpenVPN.

Tap button.

Leave Username and Password empty, since we use secure certificates instead, which are included in the OVPN Credentials file.

3. Connect to VPN

Tap on the Toggle below Disconnected.

Now you are connected to IPBurger VPN.

If you are having issues connecting, please contact our Support, we are happy to help!

Next Steps

Kill Switch

Kill Switch blocks you from exposing your Real IP Address, if the VPN Connection ever drops.

We currently don't have a kill switch for iOS.

Perform Leak Tests

Please follow: Guide: Perform IP, DNS and WebRTC Leak Tests

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!