How to test if your VPN connection is fully secured? - IP and DNS leak tests [IPBurger]


Once you connect with IPBurger VPN, you should test if for some reason your original IP or DNS is leaking.

If you are using Avast Antivirus on your computer, you may face IP leaks.

Avast has it's own DNS servers, and in the software it uses the same. If you want to keep using Avast, we recommend disabling Real Site protection from Avast. To disable Real Site in Avast check out this article:

You can keep using Avast usually with the VPN once real site is disabled.

Here are a few ways you can do that.

First of all, make sure that you have disabled IPv6 on your computer.

Now make sure you are connected with the IPBurger VPN through the VPN client software.

  1. Visit Check your IP and location.
  2. Visit and take a DNS leak test.
  3. Open an incognito window in your web browser, and visit You will be redirected to PayPal's country-specific website. If you purchased a UK IP, you will be forwarded to PayPal's UK website, same for the US and Canada.

If you have any doubts regarding the geo-location of your VPN IP, please visit and test it out. MaxMind offers the most advanced IP geo-location data.


How to correct Google's search location?

It is very common that Google identifies the wrong location with dedicated IPs, especially Fresh IPs. You can change the location for Google so that it shows you the right language and results. To change the location, please follow the guide here.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues.

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