How To Purchase IPs - IPBurger

You can purchase IPBurger VPN (IP) and can use that for browsing Internet. This step-by-step guide will help you to buy new dedicated IPs.


How To Purchase An IP?

The first step is to signup. Visit the signup page. Fill up the form and complete the signup process.

If you already have an account with IPBurger, you can directly visit the login page.

Once done, visit the home page. Select Dedicated IP address or FRESH Dedicated IP address as per your need. If you are using the IP for eBay/PayPal, it is recommended to go for FRESH Dedicated IPs.

You will then see the countries available for IPs. Here we have selected US IP, but you need to select the country that you need.

After selection of the country you can select the plans that best suits your need. Longer plans help you save a good amount on your IP. As per the of the plan you select, the cart amount will be updated automatically. Click on 'Continue' and you will be redirected to next page.

Here, you can review your order. Ensure you have selected the right country and the right plan. If all is okay, you can move ahead to 'Checkout'

All the details on the top will be filled automatically as you are already signed in. Select the payment method that suits you and click on 'Place Your Order'.

After your payment is confirmed, we will immediately complete your order and will send you an email with the subject "Your VPN is ready - How To Use?" Follow the link mentioned in the email to read the step-by-step guides with screenshots to setup VPN on your device.

If you need any other support or help, feel free to reach out to us here.

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