[Beta VPN] Android - IPBurgerVPN Setup [IPBurger]

Make sure you are signed up for IPBurger VPN. To participate in our Beta service at a discounted rate, please visit here to get one at the lowest rates.

Using VPNs on the Android devices is as easy as using them on your PC. Let’s get started with the steps to use VPN on your Android device. The whole guide is divided into three parts:

  1. Downloading and installing OpenVPN Connect application.
  2. Downloading your IP profile.
  3. Importing VPN profile and connecting to the VPN.

1) Download and install OpenVPN Connect application.

Open Android Play Store.

Now search for OpenVPN Connect and select it from suggestions.

Now, click on the ‘Install’ button. This may ask for a few permissions, click on ‘Accept’ and it will start the installation process.

Once installed, open it.

Wola! You are done with the first step to download and install OpenVPN. Now, let’s take a look at how to download the profile and import it into the application.

2) Downloading your IP profile.

Here we will discuss how to download VPN profiles for various locations and save it for later use.

Open https://secure.ipburger.com from your mobile browser.

Click on the human-like icon on the top-right corner of the website and then click on ‘Login’.

Enter your credentials and click on the ‘Login’ button.

You will be redirected to the ‘Client Area’. Here you can see your purchased services, quotes and tickets. Click on the ‘Services’ box.

This will list all the services that you have purchased from IPBurger. Click on the service as in the screenshot below.

Now, click on the ‘Download your VPN profile’ button.

This will open up a pop-up box. You can see all available locations. Click on the city you want to connect to. Here we are selecting London, UK for example.

This will download the VPN profile for you.

3) Importing your IP profile to the app

Once the app opens, click on the third item i.e. OVPN profile.

Navigate to your Downloads folder and it will show up all the profiles you have downloaded. Select the profile and click on 'Import'.

On the next screen, click on 'Add'.

Once, the profile is imported, you can see it on the app's home screen. Click on the button highlighted in the screenshot to connect to the VPN.

Once connected, you can see the connection stats as shown below.

To confirm the VPN connection, visit ipburger.com on your browser.

What Next?

Test your VPN connection fully

After you are connected with the VPN, we recommend that you run all the tests given here: How to test if your VPN connection is fully secured? - IP and DNS leak tests

Watch Netflix

Follow the instructions here to watch Netflix (US) and watch your favorite shows. [Beta VPN] How To Use Netflix with IPBurgerVPN?

Use Torrents/P2P

Follow the instructions here use Torrents/P2P [Beta VPN] How To Use Torrents/P2P with IPBurgerVPN

Give Feedback/Get Support

If you have issues following the guide, or you are unable to connect, you can always reach out to us here.

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