Using Multiple eBay/PayPal/Amazon Accounts With Multiple IPs

We have lot many users using multiple IPs to manage their stealth eBay, Amazon & PayPal accounts. Here is a quick guide on how they use it safely without linking them up.

For every eBay/Amazon account you'll need different fresh IPs i.e. one Fresh IP for each account you access. Each new fresh IP has to be used on different user accounts on your computer i.e. One IP on one user account on your computer for one eBay or Amazon account.


On IPBurger

When you have multiple IPs with us, we provide an efficient way to manage them on IPBurger account. You can give labels to your IPs this way

Go to the list of services in IPBurger clientarea. Click on the IP for which you want to set label.

On the details page, click on the 'Edit' link next to 'Label'.

Enter your label in the text box and click on 'Save'

The same label will now appear on the list of services.


Computer Setup

Please select your OS to learn more about setting up various IPs on your coputer and using them safely for multiple eBay, PayPal or Amazon accounts.


Give Feedback/Get Support

If you have issues following the guide, or if you have any suggestions, you can always reach out to us here.


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