[Fresh & Dedicated VPN] macOS - IPBurgerVPN Setup [IPBurger]

We have a customized version of Viscosity, a premium VPN software. This is availed for free with any IPBurger VPN you purchase.

Download and Install

Click the button below to download the software

Download IPBurgerVPN Software

Once downloaded, open the installer and use the same cradentails that you use to login to IPBurger account. Enter your email first

Now, enter the password of your IPBurger account.

That completes the installation process! You are ready to connect now

Connect to VPN

As the installation finishes, IPBurger will start automatically and you will see it on the top.

Click on the icon to see your dedicated IPs and then click on the IP you want to connect.

Once it is connected, the icon should turn green.

Go to IPBurger.com and check your IP there. It should show your VPN IP and the locaiton of the IP you purchased.

Use IPBurgerVPN in China

China has strict firewalls. To overcome them, a different protocol needs to be used.


Click on the IPBurgerVPN icon on the top bar and then click on 'VPN Protocols'.

Now, in the window that opens, select 'TCP over SOCKS5 Proxy' and click on 'Apply'

The profile in the software will be updated to SOCKS5 as shown below. Connect to the IP and it should work. You can check the connection by visiting IPBurger.com

Test your VPN connection fully

After you are connected with the VPN, we recommend that you run all the tests given here: How to test if your VPN connection is fully secured? - IP and DNS leak tests

Advanced Features

Refer this guide to know about some useful advanced features of the IPBurgerVPN software.

Give Feedback/Get Support

If you have issues following the guide, or you are unable to connect, you can always reach out to us here.


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