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There is a high risk of suspensions on stealth accounts, if you real IP is ever revealed to them. That's why we use a dedicated IP provided by a VPN service, such as IPBurger.

We all know how flaky the internet is sometimes, and in such cases, the VPN might keep disconnecting/reconnecting. When it happens, you might connect with the internet with your real IP address.

To avoid such risks of IP leaks, killswitch is necessary. A killswitch blocks you from accessing the internet temporarily if you are accidentally disconnected from the VPN.

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For Windows - Step by step guide to setup Killswitch

There is a special software that we use for the Killswitch, which is very easy to configure, tiny in size (500KB) and very light on the system resources.

This software does not disconnect you from the internet, but it automatically kills the configured web browsers, so you can't access the stealth accounts.

Download it here: VPNCheck - the Killswitch Software for Windows

Install the software once downloaded.

You may require to install .Net 2.0 framework for the software to work. For Windows XP users, download it here: .Net 2.0 for Windows XP 32bit

For Windows 7 and above, you might get a dialog box that automatically installs .Net 2.0. Please proceed with the installation and follow the steps.


The software resides in the Tray area. Right click on it, and select 'Show VPNCheck'.


In the interface of the software, click 'Config'.


If you see any default entry under "Cycle IP task" delete it by clicking on the item and then click on 'Remove'. If there are no such default entries you do not need to do this.

Under the Options tab, click 'Default' button and keep the options checked/unchecked exactly as shown in the screenshot.


Click 'Autostart' and configure the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on 'Windows Startup', and configure the options as shown in the screenshot below.


Now we will configure the web browsers that you want to use with the VPN. Click 'Add file' button under the 'Tasks' tab


In the new window that opens, navigate to the folder in C drive where you have the broswer installed and select the .exe file and click 'Open'

Once added, you will see that the browser program is mentioned under 'Cycle IP: Task' tab. Select the row of the program, and tick the checkboxes - 'Close' and 'Autorun'.


Close the program and log out from the current user, and login again. Please don't skip logging out and logging in, it is a crucial step.


Great! Now you have successfully setup the killswitch. What this tiny killswitch does, is that it monitors your VPN connection, and automatically launch the web-browser when a successful VPN connection is established, and automatically close the web-browser whenever the connection is broken/disconnected. That way you never have to worry about leaking your real IP.

Test it out a few times by manually connecting/disconnecting with the VPN. It also shows a layover on the screen whenever the VPN is offline, which is very helpful.




For macOS

For Mac users, we have recommended IPBurgerVPN software or Viscosity software, that has an inbuilt killswitch, which is activated once you connect with the VPN. If there are any network issues, and your VPN connection drops, the software blocks the internet meanwhile reconnecting with the VPN. So you don't have to do anything in addition to connecting with the VPN through IPBurgerVPN or Viscosity.



For Android

This kill switch works with Android 7.0+

Open "Settings" on your Android device.

Under "Wireless & Networks" click on More

Select "VPN"

Click on the Clog icon next to OpenVPN

Turn on "Always On VPN" and "Block Connections Without VPN"

With these settings, you won't be able to use the Internet without a VPN. If you want to use the normal Internet without VPN while not using your accounts, you need to disable the settings.

If you have issues following the guide, or you are unable to connect, you can always reach out to us at [email protected]

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