[Fresh & Dedicated VPN] Android - VPN Setup - L2TP [IPBurger]

With L2TP you can use the IPBurger VPN directly on your Android without any applications. The major steps to setup VPN with L2TP are as below:

  1. Get the required L2TP credentials from IPBurger website
  2. Setup VPN and connect

Get the required L2TP credentials from IPBurger website

Open secure.ipburger.com in your browser and click on 'Login'.

Enter your credentials and login.

Click on 'Services' as shown

Select the IP you want to connect to.

On the details page, click on the green clog icon as shown.

Scroll down in the pop up that opens. Click on L2TP/IPSec and you will see the required credentials. You can note down the credentials somewhere to use them in setting up the VPN.

Setup VPN and connect

Open 'Settings' on your Android phone.

Under 'Wireless and Networks' click on 'More' if you do not find 'VPN'

Select 'VPN' as shown:

Click on 'Add VPN'.

Fill up the form as shown in the image below:

  1. In 'Name' you can write whatever is good to remember. Here we have added IPBurger.
  2. In 'Type' select 'L2TP/IPSec'.
  3. You can get 'Server Address' from the credentialsthat we got in the first step.
  4. In 'IPSec Preshard Key' enter the 'PSK' that we got from credentials.
  5. Enter 'Username' and 'Password' as in the credentials.
  6. Click on the 'Right tick mark' button to save the settings.

On the main 'VPN' screen, toogle the button next to 'VPN'.

The profile that we created 'IPBurger' will be show 'connected' status.

Go to IPBurger.com and check the IP. It should show the VPN IP there.

If you have issues following the guide, or you are unable to connect, you can always reach out to us at [email protected]

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